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Many of our herd members are featured throughout this website. Our goats are raised in an ideal environment, we describe as Goatlandia. Literally, goat paradise for dairy goats.  Our goats forage on land laced with fragrant woods, meandering creeks, lush prairies and hillside forbs, providing the quintessential, herbacious goat fodder. A reason our goats have gorgeous conformation and outstanding disposition. Also, why they produce the nutritionally rich and full-bodied goat’s milk Nubians are capable of. We offer a lifetime of mentorship with the sale of our goats.


Our Husbandry

First and foremost we are pastoralists. As breeders, not producers, we invest great care and time in the development of our herd members. We don’t manage disease when it’s not present, thus vaccinating is not our practice.  Our dam-raised kids are provided with native habitat  within the first, crucial six months. Learning from their dams how to live on the land. They are handled immediately, and quickly developing a wide range of innate physiological, cognitive development and parasite resistance. When you acquire a Prairie Sky Nubian, you’re goat is already trained for life in the woods, fields and trails.

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Mid West Region, USA

We are located near the Kansas & Missouri
state line.

Prairie Sky Nubians
Available for acquisition

 These handsome darlings will add beauty and utility to an existing herd, make an excellent start for a foundation herd,  members of any dairy herd, or a goat grazing business. Yes, even as pets.

They are both intact, and unregistered. Born to a registered doe. Their dam is beginning to wean them. Epic Nine and Courage have been dam raised, getting the best nourishment and training from their mama. We have grand children, so they have had a lot of exposure  to being petted, carried, scratched, cuddled, hand fed and led on a leash.

Our goats are already trained for life in the woods, fields and trails. Rugged field hardened dairyness is what we aim for. This is a closed herd, utilizing predominantly holistic husbandry practices. We prefer to send them off together, but will consider rehoming individually. No trades, pickup only, cash only. Forward questions and inquiries via FB Messenger or email.

Our 2023 doelings, also soon available for acquisition.

rugged, field-hardened dairyness IS WHAT WE AIM FOR.

The land is already proven to be an excellent source of nourishment yielding higher quality hair, milk, meat, and even pets. Goats hardened on the land provide a litany of benefits to any herd, that most give little attention to. Such as acclimation to the elements, parasite resistance, savvy field and forage knowledge, self-medication, herd dynamic, strong progeny, excellent disposition and more. The conformation of all of the progeny born in our pastoral herd, is superior to that of the kids we started our foundation herd with.

Customarily, little consideration is given to the value provided by goats permitted time to develop among a foraging herd. Did you know a goat’s learning begins in utero, and continues before weaning? But the process is complete after weaning. Whereby knowledge of food avoidance, food selection and self-medication through plant secondary compounds, is complex social learning attained through observation and imitation. As is shaping proper feeding behavior, how and where to forage. Your pregnant does foraging on the land, are already training their kids what to eat!
Without the dam, the herder takes up the task. Thus the goats have to learn by trial and error, and relying on some memory that they retained from their dams in utero. Only able to exercise that if they are not confined all the time.

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